What To Do When Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Water In Fuel Warning Comes On: Part II

2017 Sprinter WORKER on a construction site

Do-It-Yourself Fuel Filter Drain And Replacement For Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter comes available with the choice of both diesel and gasoline engines. When equipped with a diesel engine, it is more susceptible than the gasoline variation to getting water mixed with the fuel, whether it be in the gas tank, fuel filter, or in the fuel lines themselves.

Drain Fuel Filter DIY Quick Fix

Because this is a known problem with diesel engines, the fuel filter on the Sprinter can be drained using nothing more than a screwdriver, a pliers, and some patience. The fuel filter is located underneath the air filter cartridge, right on the top of the engine. You will have to remove all the clips to get it out. Once you have it out, you will see an engine cover than can also be pulled out by unclipping the clips on the bottom.

You will then find the fuel filter on the right size of the engine (your right when facing the open hood). On the fuel filter is a drain plug. Simply unscrew the drain plug and then unscrew the top of the oil filter partially to allow air to push the water out of the filter. Once you don’t hear water dripping anymore, you are ready to put everything back together. Below is a good video that shows where the fuel filter is and how to get to it.

Before Restarting Car

Before you start the van, or car, turn the key to on to activate the oil filter. Sit for about 20 seconds or so before starting the car. This is important so that your car doesn’t try to start without fuel. Even after doing this, you may have to let the engine turnover for a while before the van comes to life.

If The Light Stays On

If you’ve drained the oil filter, or even replaced it, and the WIF warning light is still on, you have two choices. Remove the fuel tank and drain it completely, or bring it to a Sprinter mechanic. If you have any questions about what to do when your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Water In Fuel warning light comes on, or Sprinter maintenance in general, contact us today at Mercedes-Benz of Arrowhead.