Do people use winter tires near Phoenix, AZ?

By Product Expert | Posted in Local News & Events, Safety, Service & Parts on Thursday, October 1st, 2020 at 4:36 pm
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Should my van have summer, all-season, or winter tires here in Peoria? 

Do people use winter tires near Phoenix, AZ? The short answer is no, they don’t, but below we have one special circumstance where you might want to equip your vehicle with winter tires. For the most part, you’ll be choosing between summer or all-season tires when you drive near Phoenix, AZ. 

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When would I ever use winter tires near Phoenix, AZ? 

Around Phoenix, you will probably never need to use winter tires, unless our weather patterns start to change. However, if you are driving north to the mountainous areas north of Phoenix during the winter months, then you may want to equip your vehicle accordingly. A winter road trip in the mountains is not something that we would recommend, but if you’re going to do it, at least go prepared. 

Are summer or all-season tires better for driving near Phoenix? 

Summer and all-season tires will both work fine for driving near Phoenix. Summer tires will be your best choice because they are designed to hold up against hot temperatures. Summer tires also do better in rainy conditions than all-season tires.  

All-season tires, on the other hand, are going to last you longer. They also are good for light snow conditions, although we wouldn’t recommend them for driving north in the winter. All-season tires can’t handle the same level of heat as summer tires, and thus should not be used during an Arizona summer. 

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What is the difference between summer and all-season tires? 

So, what creates the difference between summer and all-season tires? It is the shape of their tread that makes all the difference. Summer tires have shallower grooves and different patterns. All-season tires have deeper grooves between tire tread.