What is included in the Metris Driver Efficiency Package?

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Does the Mercedes-Benz Metris have navigation?

You want your fleet to be ahead of the curve, and the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to know where you’re going. To that end, you may want to know: does the Mercedes-Benz Metris have navigation? We will provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

Mercedes-Benz Metris NavigationWhat is the Driver Efficiency Package?

The Driver Efficiency Package available on the Metris adds in several features that could be integral to the efficiency of your fleet. Of course, it adds a navigation system but not just any navigation system, a Becker Map Pilot navigation system. This will always keep you or your drivers pointed in the right direction.

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That is not all that comes with the Driver Efficiency Package. By adding this package, you also add cruise control for better fuel efficiency on the highway, bumper mounted fog lights for better visibility in inclement weather, and a console storage tray.

Mercedes-Benz Metris fog lights Which Metris vans have the Driver Efficiency Package available?

Now you may be wondering which Metris vans get to benefit from this package. You can get the Driver Efficiency Package on both the Metris Cargo Van and the Metris Passenger Van. This means that no matter what your business needs are, you can have vans fully equipped with the navigation that they need.

If you were interested in the more affordable WORKER series of Metris vans, then you will not be able to take advantage of navigation. Mercedes-Benz made the WORKER models very streeamlined. As such, they do not offer many of the packages that you can find in the standard Metris vans. By reducing options they can keep their costs low.

Metris Cargo Van vs Metris Worker Cargo Van

Mercedes-Benz Metris seat adjustmentsMetris Driver Comfort Package

With the needs of the driver in mind, you may also be interested in the Driver Comfort Package. This package provides you with adjustable driver and front passenger seats. This affordable package allows for seat angle and lumbar support adjustments on both affected seats. Also included with this package are two additional master keys.

As with the Driver Efficiency Package, the Driver Comfort Package is available on both the Metris Cargo Van and the Metris Passenger Van. It is not available on the WORKER Metris vans. However, the two additional master keys are included in the WORKER Utility Package.

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