How much force does it take to shatter a windshield?

By Product Expert | Posted in Safety, Service & Parts on Thursday, October 8th, 2020 at 3:05 pm
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Mercedes-Benz windshield replacement services near Phoenix, AZ 

How much force does it take to shatter a windshield? We don’t recommend trying it for yourself at home, because chances are that you may be successful. Windshields can crack with the force of a rock hit up from the road, and they often crack during car accidents. Once cracked, it takes less force to do major damage. Below, you can learn more about what factors influence windshields shattering as well as learn about Mercedes-Benz windshield replacement services near Phoenix, AZ. 

Are all windshields made from the same type of glass? 

No, not all windshields are made from the exact same type of glass, but for the most part, they are. Some different features of glass may include solar glass, noise-reducing glass, and more. Other than those additional features, the majority of windshield glass is laminated glass. 

Laminated glass is actually plastic that is sandwiched between two pieces of glass. Then the glass and plastic are bonded together, which makes the glass harder to break. The glass also stays stuck to the plastic when it breaks, or at least that is the intention. This can reduce injuries during a car crash which might be caused by flying glass shards. 

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How much force will shatter laminated glass? 

This is a bit of a trick question since laminated glass does not always shatter. In fact, it may pop out in one large piece, but we know what you are asking. The amount of force needed to break a windshield glass is roughly 9,400 psi. If there is already a crack in your windshield, then the force needed to shatter it is much less. 

Do I need to replace my windshield if it gets a crack in it? 

Yes, you should replace a windshield with any cracks. Cracks spread easily and can obstruct your view. Plus, another smaller impact could shatter your windshield, which means that you have a lot less protection in a crash. 

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