How to remove wheel stains from your Mercedes-Benz van

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Why won’t the stains come off of my vehicle’s wheels? 

 If you have washed your car recently and were unable to remove a stain from your vehicle’s wheels, then you may have stumbled across a problem that many people have. In some cases, this is the result of using the wrong cleaning product, as we will discuss below. Unfortunately, the stain may be permanent, but reading on below will help you learn how to prevent and remove further stains from your Mercedes-Benz van. 

How can a car wash stain my vehicle’s wheels? 

If you have already heard or realized that this phenomenon occurs because of car washes, then you are one step ahead. Basically, some car washes will use acidic cleaners on your vehicle. The acidic cleaner is great for things like your van’s brakes, but not so much for your van’s wheels. Most vehicle wheels are finished with paint and then a clear coat. The acid can leak through the clear coat and leave dark streaks on the wheel. Unfortunately, this makes the wheel start to corrode.  

Are wheel stains covered under my Mercedes-Benz warranty?  

No, wheel stains caused by unapproved cleaners are not covered by your warranty. You must always use approved cleaners to remain covered. 

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How can I remove wheel stains on my vehicle? 

Some wheel stains may be permanent, but our advice is to stick with Mercedes-Benz approved paint care and cleaner products to fix or prevent damage done to your wheels. Using genuine parts, accessories, and cleaners will comply with your vehicle’s warranty as well. If you must go to a car wash, at least make sure to ask if they use an acid-based cleaner. Avoid those car washes that use an acid-based cleaner and find a new place to go. 

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