How to share the roads with semi-trucks around Phoenix, AZ in 2020

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Arizona guidelines for driving around large trucks and semi-trucks 

It is natural to feel a little intimidated when you are sharing the road with larger vehicles. While the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans are large, they don’t compare to the bulk of a semi-truck. The best thing you can do is educate yourself on how to share the roads with semi-trucks around Phoenix, AZ in 2020. 

Driving around semi-trucks questions and answers 

How often do cars cause crashes between cars and trucks? 

According to (Arizona Department of Public Safety), “the car driver is cited about twice as often as the truck driver for reckless behavior in crashes involving large trucks.” Furthermore, the car driver is much more likely to be injured or killed compared with the truck driver. Don’t be a part of the statistic. Take extra precaution driving around larger vehicles. 

Where are a semi-truck’s blind spots located? 

Because of a semi-truck’s height and the large size of its trailer, the driver of a semi-truck experiences larger blind spots than car drivers. Seated on the left, truck drivers can see you better if you pass on the left side, which is how you should be passing anyway. However, there are blind spots on all sides of a semi-truck. 

Directly behind a semi-truck is a blind spot as well. Give semi-trucks plenty of space on all sides, as their maneuvers require more space and they can’t always see you just because you can see them. Plus, driving too close behind them can cut off your view of oncoming traffic. 

How can I pass a semi-truck while on the highway near Phoenix? 

You can pass a semi-truck on its left. Make sure not to drive too closely behind or in front of a semi-truck because they take much longer distances to come to a stop than other passenger vehicles. When passing, give them as much room as possible. Pass them on a straight stretch of road. 

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