Is the Mercedes-Benz Worker Cargo Van a Good Choice for an Electrician?

By Product Expert | Posted in Mercedes-Benz Metris WORKER on Friday, May 10th, 2019 at 3:13 pm
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What jobs does the Mercedes-Benz Worker Cargo Van work best for? 

Is the Mercedes-Benz Worker Cargo Vangood choice for an electrician? We would say yes, and we have some reasons for saying so. Come with us as we discuss the jobs that the Mercedes-Benz Worker Cargo Van suits best, with up-fitting solutions for certain vocations.  

Mercedes-Benz Worker Cargo Van for an electrician 

The Mercedes-Benz Worker Cargo Van has up-fitting solutions for several jobs. As a cargo van, it has ample space for any type of supplies, but sometimes that space needs to be better organized, which is where up-fitting solutions come in. These shelves offer a variety of drawer sizes and shelving heights to fit a variety of needs. For electricians, the Mercedes-Benz Worker Cargo Van has nine different up-fitting options.  

rear cargo space of the metris van

Mercedes-Benz Worker Cargo Van for a plumber 

There are eight different shelving units that can work well for plumbing supplies. Depending on whether you need more space for larger supplies or more organization options for small tools, different shelving may fit your needs. The variety of options means that everyone can find a shelving unit to house their supplies in an organized manner. 

Mercedes-Benz Worker Cargo Van for a delivery worker 

There are two up-fitting solutions designed to fit the needs of a delivery worker. Both are Sortimo ® Metris Flexx Racks that are folding and have drop-down racks. The only difference is that one of the shelving options is designed around the pass side-door, while the other one takes up more of the cargo space to provide more room for packages.  

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