Rules for Driving in Roundabouts in AZ

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Learn the rules for driving in roundabouts in AZ 

Roundabouts are becoming more common around the United States, and even close to home in Peoria, AZ. It is important to be familiar with these new road icons, because we do not see them going away anytime soon. If you have been driving for a while, then chances are that roundabouts were not covered in your driver’s education classes, but do not worry! We will go over all of the facts about and important rules for driving in roundabouts in AZ.  

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Why are roundabouts gaining popularity? 

Despite the amount of complaints, you may hear from fellow drivers, roundabouts are an amazing addition to traffic intersections. They may seem foreign at first, which is what leads to complaints, but these facts may help you warm up to them. First, they reduce fatalities and injuries. For example, they reduce fatal crashes by ninety percent, injury crashes by seventy-five percent, and bicycle crashes by ten percent. Furthermore, they reduce fuel use and pollution because they have less of a stop and go nature than other intersection types and much less idling. You will also notice that they are quieter. 

Rules for driving in roundabouts in AZ 

Like any traffic intersection, roundabout rules are easy once you have practiced them a few times. Things to remember include that you should not enter a traffic circle without yielding to the vehicles coming from the left, or coming from a counterclockwise direction. Drivers must always circumnavigate the traffic circle in a counterclockwise direction, even for left hand turns, you must follow the circle around to the right. After you have properly yielded, stay inside of your lane as you go around the circle, and wait to switch lanes until you have completely exited the traffic circle. In general, go slow and read signs and you will have no issue traversing a roundabout.  

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