Should my business get a cargo van?

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2017 Metris WORKER Cargo Van in Red

How a business can benefit from a cargo van

Are you ready to take your business mobile? Or are you already mobile but considering changing your ride to a cargo van? Here at Mercedes-Benz Arrowhead Sprinter we specialize in cargo and passenger vans for your business, like the Sprinter Cargo Van. Our vans can take your business to the next level, and we will show you how below.

Cost efficiency of Mercedes-Benz Cargo Vans

Mercedes-Benz cargo vans are a cost-efficient option for your business. They have better fuel economies than RVs, box trucks, and even some passenger vans or SUVs. Furthermore, our Mercedes-Benz cargo vans have long maintenance intervals, which means you won’t have to come into the shop for repairs often. Saving on fuel and maintenance is a great reason to choose a cargo van for your business.

mercedes-Benz metris cargo van cargo space

metris cargo van back view

Storage space of Mercedes-Benz Cargo Vans

Cargo vans offer more storage space than your usual passenger vehicles. Although SUVs come in large sizes, they cannot compete with our cargo vans in terms of cargo space. Plus, cargo vans are made for the job. By this we mean that cargo vans can be equipped for different businesses. They come with places to set up custom shelving for your business odds and ends. They come with places to set up ladder racks and to tie down cargo. Plus, high roof cargo vans are tall enough to stand comfortably in, which can be a life saver when you are searching through all of your cargo for a specific tool or product.

What businesses can benefit from a cargo van?

If your business is in the business of transporting anything—food, tools, merchandise—then your business can benefit from purchasing a cargo van. If you transport large items to work sites, then a cargo van can get the job done.

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