Should my business get a passenger van?

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mercedes-benz sprinter passenger van side view

How a business can benefit from a cargo van

We have recently written about the benefits of choosing a cargo van for your business. Following that, we want to provide you with a similar break down of the benefits of choosing a passenger van for your business. Passenger vans cater to a different style of business, which we will define more below. Here at Mercedes-Benz Arrowhead Sprinter, we sell both the Metris Passenger Van and the Sprinter Passenger Van. Check them both out with a test drive.

Cost efficiency of Mercedes-Benz Passenger Vans

Like our cargo vans, our passenger vans are a cost-efficient option for a business. They offer better fuel economy ratings than small buses and shuttles, which are the most similar vehicles in terms of passenger capacities. They also offer long maintenance intervals, saving you money over the long run by spending less time at the shop or the gas station.

Passenger capacity of Mercedes-Benz Passenger Vans

Van capacity will vary by model, but the latest Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Passenger Van as of 2019 can fit up to fifteen people inside. That means excluding your driver, you can fit fourteen customers into your passenger van per trip. To compare that, minibuses have a seating capacity of between eight and thirty people, according to Wikipedia. By choosing the Mercedes-Benz passenger van, you give your customers a more comfortable ride.

2017 Sprinter Passenger Van seating capacity

2017 Spinter Passenger Van Side Door

Which businesses can benefit from a passenger van?

Passenger vans are used for a variety of businesses. Some daycares or schools may purchase a passenger van for field trip outings. Hotels use passenger vans to shuttle their customers from one location to another. Tour guides use passenger vans for their tours. Businesses of all sizes can use passenger vans to move employees and customers in a comfortable and spacious manner.

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