Three things to avoid while pumping fuel at a gas station

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips & Tricks on Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 at 3:25 pm
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What not to do when you are filling up your car 

You may have seen a gas station fire or explosion on the news before. While these situations are rare, they are also largely preventable. As long as you practice good safety measures, you should never experience a fire or explosion. Keep reading below to learn what three things to avoid while pumping fuel at a gas station. 

Never do these three things near a fuel pump 

The three things below are bad news when you are filling up your vehicle. Get into the habit of avoiding these things while at gas stations in general, so that you don’t forget.  

Why you shouldn’t leave your car on while pumping fuel 

Your car’s engine uses gasoline. In order to move, it ignites the gasoline, which creates the force. Leaving your engine running creates a hazardous situation, where a spark could light much more than just the fuel in your tank. Get in the habit of always turning off your car while at the gas station, even if you are just running inside. 

Don’t smoke or use lighters at a gas station 

It doesn’t take much of a flame to ignite the gas in your car. Gas vapors in the air or on your skin can be enough to start a fire. Even if you don’t think you have gasoline on your fingers after filling up at the pump, it is much safer to wait and wash your hands thoroughly before using a lighter. Use extra precaution here, because you don’t want to burn yourself. 

Don’t get back into your vehicle while waiting for gas to pump 

person filling up a gas tank

You probably see people do this all the time. They start the gas pumping and sit inside their vehicle to wait. This is hazardous for a few reasons. While it seems innocent, you should always be paying attention to the fuel going into your vehicle. Paying attention is a great way to prevent an accident or stop one before it becomes worse. 

Furthermore, getting into your vehicle and touching various surfaces is a way to create static. If you’ve ever rubbed your hands on a surface and experienced a little shock, then you know what we mean. While usually harmless, there have been cases of static electricity causing fuel to ignite at the pump. 

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