What is Mercedes-Benz VanCare?

By Product Expert | Posted in Service & Parts on Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 at 3:36 pm
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Take advantage of express service near Phoenix, AZ 

What is Mercedes-Benz VanCare? It is the top-notch service that you can expect from a Mercedes-Benz Vans service center like our own. As you’ll see below, there are many benefits to servicing at your local VanCare center near Phoenix, AZ. 

What are the benefits of Mercedes-Benz VanCare? 

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Come try our Mercedes-Benz VanCare service center here at Mercedes-Benz Arrowhead Sprinter. Then, you can experience some of the benefits for yourself. The benefits of Mercedes-Benz VanCare are the following: 

  • Professional technicians who are familiar with Mercedes-Benz vans 
  • Genuine Mercedes-Benz Van parts that comply with warranty standards 
  • Express lane option for quick vehicle maintenance 
  • Savings on some packaged services such as service A or service B 
  • Online service scheduling for first-time and returning customers 

What are Mercedes-Benz service A and B? 

Mercedes-Benz service A and service B maintenance are recommended packaged services. You get the benefit of packaged service, which means that you can get multiple services done at once for one bundled price. Your vehicle gets the benefit of recommended services to keep it updated and ready to go. 

If you have never scheduled a service A or service B appointment before, we encourage you to contact our service team. They can help you figure out which service milestone is coming up for your Mercedes-Benz Van and when you should schedule the appointment. Following recommended service guidelines help to prevent larger issues from cropping up. 

How can I schedule my vehicle maintenance online? 

You can schedule your next appointment with us right here on our website. Use the “Parts & Services” drop-down menu to locate our online scheduler. Make your account if you are a first-time customer and schedule your appointment. Returning customers have the benefit of some information being pre-filled.  

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