Take Your Sprinter Camping!

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What is the best Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for camping?

There are many ways to camp. One of them is simply sleeping in the back of a van. When you camp this way, you don’t have to put up a tent, you don’t have to deal with dew in the morning, and you get a little more privacy than you do with a tent. Granted, you could argue that this is the same thing as sleeping in a motorized camper, but it really isn’t. What is the best Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for camping?

Difference between Cargo, Crew, and Passenger?Mercedes-Benz Crew Van vs. Mercedes-Benz Cargo Van

Sprinter Cargo

It is counter-intuitive, but you don’t want to have to camp in a passenger van. Sleeping sideways on a bench seat only works if you are less than four feet tall, and having to take the seats in and out when you want to sleep and when it rains is a pain in the calves. If you want the best camping experience, you will want the Cargo.

Super High Roof

This is another must if you are going to be camping in your van. With the Super High Roof, you can stand straight up without hitting your head on the ceiling! This is ideal when you are loading and unloading your supplies, but it also gives you more comfort for changing your clothes and gives the illusion of more space.

Full Package

Because the Super High Roof is not available with the standard wheelbase, you will have to upgrade to the middle, 170 wheelbase option. There are also electrical options that can give you extra plugins and auxiliary power, which is a must when camping. If you are looking for the best Sprinter Van to go camping with, you will want the 170 Wheelbase cargo variant with the super high roof and 4-cylinder engine for maximum efficiency. If you have any questions about how to camp, leave a comment below!

Sprinter for Camping

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