Which commercial van should I get for my business?

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How to choose a Mercedes-Benz commercial van for your company 

What commercial van should you get for your business? That is the topic of discussion for today’s blog. Deciding on a Mercedes-Benz commercial van can be difficult because there are many options. At first, you may just know that you need to move equipment and people efficiently to get the job done. At that point, a Mercedes-Benz van is the perfect solution, because they offer more space than your average vehicle, but how do you choose? You will need to consider more aspects of your business, and we are here to help. Keep reading below for more information on choosing a commercial van. 

Use the Mercedes-Benz Van Advisor to narrow down your search 

Mercedes-Benz Vans offers the Van Advisor tool to narrow down your search for the perfect commercial van for your business. This tool is found on mbvans.com. It helps you find the right van be asking you to fill out the Van Advisor form to the best of your ability. It breaks your search down into six sections: engine, seating, payload, cargo space, roof height, and van type. If you already know which van type you want, then you are halfway there. If not, then select the “All Vans” options. 

Fill out the rest of the form based on your company. Engine type may not be of importance to you, in which case, you can leave it on the “Any” option. Seating is a great way to narrow down your search if you know how many people need to fit in your van. If you aren’t sure, then use your best estimate. The payload is important if you plan on moving heavy equipment, and cargo space or roof height will come into play if you move large equipment.  

Should you get a cargo, crew, or passenger van? 

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We can’t answer this question for you, but we have written blogs on the topics of cargo, crew, and passenger vans. Check out these blogs to help narrow down your search: 

We hope that we have helped. Our sales team is available for consultation to help you with your search.  

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