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Headlight Maintenance near Phoenix, AZ

Headlights are more than just a fashion statement. They are an important safety feature on a vehicle. Without them, it would be nearly impossible to drive at night or in bad weather conditions. Plus, turning indicator lights, brake lights, and fog lights all add extra measures of safety to a vehicle. If you have a faulty light on your vehicle, not only are you putting yourself and others at risk of a car accident, but you are also putting yourself at risk of a ticket.

So, how often should you be replacing your vehicle’s headlights? That really depends on the vehicle. You are safe to wait until you have a faulty light, either a light that isn’t working at all or one that is too dim to be useful. At that point you should come in for maintenance as soon as possible. We would love to be preventative and have you come in sooner, but headlight lifespan can differ based on the type of light. In order to catch a faulty light, make sure to check your headlight functionality regularly. Come into Mercedes-Benz Arrowhead Sprinter for your next headlight service. Keep reading below to learn about other services we offer.

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Where can I find genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and accessories near Phoenix, AZ?

You can find them right here at Mercedes-Benz Arrowhead Sprinter. We always replace your vehicle parts with genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, and you can order parts and accessories to be picked up at our dealership. Use the online form found under the Parts & Services drop-down menu at the top of our site.

Where can I get Mercedes-Benz Service A and B appointments near Phoenix, AZ?

Among our many services offered here at Mercedes-Benz Arrowhead Sprinter are Mercedes-Benz service A and B appointments. * Following the maintenance plan for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle will keep your Mercedes-Benz in tip-top shape. Our service technicians will help you with anything that your vehicle needs. Set up a service appointment online today by pressing the button above.

*Services and pricing for Service A/Service B may vary due to your driving habits, mileage, and local environmental conditions. Please refer to your maintenance booklet for additional details and general guidelines for your vehicle’s year and model. *Service A/Service B is pre-determined and outlined in your pre-paid maintenance contract. Additional maintenance may be required according to your driving habits, mileage and local environmental