Mercedes-Benz Metris Van Model Research

Mercedes-Benz Metris Van Model Research

Navy Blue Mercedes-Benz Metris Van


The Metris is a new addition to the Mercedes-Benz family beginning in 2016. Like the Sprinter, it offers unmatched luxury, comfort, and performance, but it also has an element of mobility that the Sprinter doesn't have. It is compact, sporty, and most importantly, affordable.

2020 Metris
2019 Metris
2018 Metris
2017 Metris
2016 Metris
White Metris Van WORKER


The Metris WORKER is the entry-level Metris commercial van. Instead of offering upgrades and options, the Metris WORKER is available in one of three specific packages. Keeping the packages standardized helps keep the retial prices down and simplifies the purchasing process.

2020 Metris WORKER Cargo
2019 Metris WORKER Cargo
2019 Metris WORKER Passenger
2018 Metris WORKER Cargo
2018 Metris WORKER Passenger
2017 Metris WORKER Cargo
2017 Metris WORKER Passenger

Brown Mercedes-Benz Metris Van Exterior

Metris Cargo

The Metris Cargo is not only the perfect vehicle for urban delivery, but it is also excellent for cross-country travel. Available with varying lengths, heights, and powertrains, the Metris cargo is quickly becoming one of the most popular vans in the commercial transportation industry. 

2021 Metris Cargo
2020 Metris Cargo
2019 Metris Cargo
2018 Metris Cargo
2017 Metris Cargo
2016 Metris Cargo
Mercedes-Benz Metris Passenger Van Silver Exterior

Metris Passenger

Many families are switching from a minivan to the Metris Passenger because of the increased utility and comfort. It has three rows of seating, advanced infotainment features, and a a handful of available options that pertain to driving in cold weather and driver-assisted driving.

2021 Metris Passenger
2020 Metris Passenger
2019 Metris Passenger
2018 Metris Passenger
2017 Metris Passenger
2016 Metris Passenger